ARE YOU READY bring your best self to the essential conversations that show up in your life, business, or community?


"We’re Working TOGETHER in Ways that WORK!


We’re ordinary people just like YOU who:

  • believe in the power of gathering people together
  • stand for the values of curiosity, connection, innovation and action
  • are on the ever-evolving path of learning what it takes to cooperate, get stuff done AND what it takes to make that process more efficient/practical


We’re just like YOU, because we are people who:

  • want to come together to accelerate change
  • are discerning about what we do with our time, energy and resources
  • are investment savvy and are looking for something fresh and new


And just like YOU

We are still optimistic about the capacity of the human race, to be more humane.

We’re ready to be extraordinary! Are YOU?


WINfinity is brand new... yet not!


The following are accurate statements as of November 2016:

  • We are coming up 30 years old as of concept inception (1987) - which was formalized under the ImaginAction Trademark (1992)
  • We are 28 years old as a corporation and as a social purpose consultancy - under Animis Philanthropic Ventures Inc. (est. 1989)
  • We are 25 years old in research (since 1992) - about the history of capacity building, sustainability, and in terms of following social impact investment efforts in Canada
  • We are up to 15 years old in terms of relationships - cultivating tried and true relationships with fellow professional colleagues of like mind and heart who “get” each other and have joined the cause not only passionately but have also stood the tests of disappointments over these many years (and to date have done so, without pay)
  • We are 10 years old or more, in training - where our founder, Trae Ashlie-Garen, has alone taken on over $250,000 in training and coaching, refining her personal and professional skills, all toward the evolution of the WINfinity concept
  • We are 8 years old as a formalized team - under the brand known as The WINfinity Framework -- Over 5000 hours of executive-level professionals, cumulatively bringing forward their expertise as Good Will contributions toward making this essential infrastructure, a reality.
  • We are 5 + years old of patiently waiting while other means (both technologically and methodologically) evolve in their own rights; ones that are only just now reaching a place of momentum such that a merging of all of them is not only possible, but probable
  • We are 1 year old in momentum on our next phase - toward establishing ourselves as an Opportunity Development Cooperative (scheduled for 2017)

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