WHAT Would It Take?

to go after the difference you want to see and make in your world?

We get that the idea of creating meaningful change feels big.
Sometimes it seems beyond the scope or reach of what any one of us can contribute individually.
But just like you… we still believe it IS possible.


WINfinity is a stand for something different.


We ask questions like:

  • What would change if we could get thoughtfully creative minds from a diverse range of environments and disciplines into “one room”, at “one table”?
  • What would it take to combine our voices with others’ voices to accelerate the powerful conversations already in motion?
  • What would it take to make the leap between talking, and taking all out massive action?

WINfinity is a truly neutral entity that guides conversations, so that the people involved cannot only talk with each other, but also take collective action through a means that is safe, and without hidden agendas.


So toward those Goals of Learning “What would it take?”…

  • We continue to seek out new pieces of information to help us choose the right approaches.
  • We work to enmass that information, so we can be knowledgeable & confident in our choices.
  • We endeavor to continue to be in the exploration to create clearer and clearer means of communication about how each one of us really can participate and contribute.

Essentially, we feel it’s time for a change…

We want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the contribution of our efforts, means and resources, are going to create a more efficient, and larger scale benefit for the causes and communities we care about.


Just like you…

  • Our radar has been up for what’s new & fresh;
  • We’re investment savvy, whether that investment is with our time, energy or money;
  • We have trusted, and knew deep down, that we would know the right thing, when we see it.