Our whole purpose for being here,
is to be responsive to the needs we KNOW are out there:

  • For people to channel their energies collectively into forces for good
  • For neutral facilitation - separate from funder or founder agenda
  • For environments that encourage cooperation and aspire to collaboration
  • For accelerating “making a difference” - in YOUR world


    WHO Do You Know?

    We are currently having Conversations with:
    • Philanthropic Contributors / Angel Investors
    • Foundation Representatives across Canada
    • Group Facilitators from a Variety of Disciplines
    • Evaluators / Data Analysts
    • Individuals with Topics / Potential Demonstration Projects


    Participate with us in 2017, toward Demonstrating:

    1) Effectiveness = Data from no less than 4 Round-Tables in 2017

    2) Philanthropic Investment = to cover at least / no less than 20% of costs (initial and ongoing) with Private Angel Investment Capital or Grants

    3) Customer / Client Engagement / Demand = for future Larger Roll Outs

    4) Outcomes = Social and Economic Impact specifically in terms of Revenue Generation / Job Creation

    5) Interest = Individuals who might want to sit on our Inquiry Board - As part of our goal to demonstrate our ability to steward the funding we have coming in, appropriately

    6) A Container to Receive = The legal and financial organizational structure / advisors / safety measures, etc. → We are already slated to set up an Opportunity Development Cooperative in 2017

    7) Potential Revenue Streams / Business Model(s) = Contributing to a Blended Financial Means by which WINfinity can be sustained and thrive.


    HOW do you reach us?

    Online By our Contact Form Below

    I Prefer the Following Type of Follow-Up Initially:

    Personal Email

    Personal Video Conference Call



    The following questions are OPTIONAL, and will assist us to serve individuals like yourself, better.
    Your feedback is appreciated, Thank-you!

    Please Consider Telling Us any one (or more) of the following:

    Your input is VALUED, and helps us to grow!



    Other Alternatives

    Directly via Email - hello@winfinity.ca


    The WINfinity Framework is trademarked under the IMAGINACTION Trademark, as operated under Animis Philanthropic Ventures Incorporated, Calgary, AB Canada

    Email: hello@winfinity.ca

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