of your ideas were recognized, and you could actually effect change?

The Recurring Problem

When people from different walks of life and work come together around a matter of importance, what usually happens? Uncertainty or anxiety? Cautionary withholding of information? Arguments and power struggles? ….. Sounds like Chaos, right?

Has this been your experience? It’s been ours.

It’s frustrating and discouraging, isn’t it?


We want you to know that we see the waste, too...

  • The inefficiencies of time and effort.
  • The missed opportunities of not creating cohesion in our efforts.
  • The usual suspects controlling the conversation.
  • The assertion of “agendas” over others.

We all want meaningful change…

But unfortunately unpleasant past experiences can cause us to only see the prospect of people coming together as an exercise in futility – with people who dig their heels in, and can’t get along.


WINfinity is a stand for something better


WINfinity creates spaces where people are received in such a way that, regardless of their background, each individual person can contribute equally to the experience.

The idea of that feels big, and beyond the scope or reach of what any one of us can contribute individually, doesn’t it?

But we know where to start, and... how to move forward.