"The problem is not the lack of a collective desire for a positive future. But the lack of a collective vehicle for positive actions. Humanity doesn't have to have a dark future. And it's not going anywhere we don't steer it."

- Randy Powell - V.B.M. - The Vortex Based Mathematics Project “Randy’s Donuts” (2014)





We transform world-shaping thoughts and ideas,
into personally fulfilling, real-world action!


HOW do we do THAT?

Imagine an online “round-table” environment, focused on a particular topic, with 8 people from virtually anywhere, getting around that “table”. Now, realize that each one of them has “something” to bring to that “table” (curiosity, interest, experience, ideas, resources).

What if everyone around that “table”, was committed to each other’s highest good AND committed to an outcome that is a Collective, Critical Path? And what if each person dedicated only 3 hours a week, for 5-7 weeks? (Yup, less than 2 months)

Our facilitation process is neutral, and “without hidden agendas” (“agenda-LESS”). No one person or entity has paid for the process to be initiated. No one person or entity has a say in how the process is going to go. And our Animateurs, who are trained to be a companion along each group’s journey through the process, come from a broad history.

Our process generates a Collective WIN for the group around that “table” within that 2 month period. This could be “stand-alone” WIN OR, one that could be equally combined with the WINs of other “tables”.

So for a moment, imagine more than one “round-table” happening, on the same or similar topics - simultaneously. Where what emerges in the middle of all that activity, becomes greater than the sum of the parts. Something with momentum, that is trackable and replicable.




What if we told you that all of this is not only POSSIBLE, but that it’s PROBABLE?
What kind of a difference would that make to YOUR world?


WHY is this Important?

Who do you wish you could talk to, but can’t for whatever reason: labels, roles, positions, politics, competition, agendas, etc.?
These are ALL in the way of people actually TALKING with each other.
There’s no doubt that there are many efforts already happening out in the world to encourage conversations that counterbalance this experience; and we’re super excited about them…


Organizations like:

  • Creating the Future (
  • Art of Hosting (
  • World Café (

Are paving the way for all of us to engage in a more humane way with each other. We are all starting to ask…
What would it really take to approach addressing matters of importance :

  • to ourselves
  • to our communities
  • to our world(s)?


But the truth is, if we don’t equitably champion such efforts into a new, larger, and sustainably thrivable means – a super-structure if you will – for actually taking collective action on those conversations…
Then every one of us, regardless of who we are, or where we come from, are entering into a future of replicated efforts:

This means:

  • wasted time
  • wasted energy
  • wasted money…


And truly, nothing will ever be able to significantly happen at the level of humanity as a whole.

Regardless of whether it’s at the level of world, or in your own backyard… Important issues won’t get addressed.


WINfinity is a stand for something new


If we take a close look, things aren’t changing fast enough because WE, as humanity, are still learning how to cooperate and get along.
So then the question becomes not only… How do we combine our voices with other’s voices?
But equally important…

What would it take to actually accelerate the impact that those conversations, that are already in motion, create?
This is where WINfinity COMES IN!


WHEN are we doing this?

Right now, in this exact moment :-)


WHERE are we focusing?

We are unlimited geographically in terms of where we can operate because we do everything online (YES it IS Possible!!)

As for... where are we in the world? We are based out of Calgary, AB Canada


We are currently in conversations to shortlist and prioritize our “template activity”. Ideas for Topics / Projects to champion (so far) are as follows:

  • Initial Intentional Communities Group Formation
  • Increased Outcomes within the Community Benefit / Non-Profit Sector
  • Liaising as a Fellow Intermediary to Social Impact Investment Efforts
  • Family-Run / Small Business Succession and Community Impact Planning
  • Assembling a Dedicated Community of Practice - our Animateurs
  • Assembling a Dedicated Support Structure for our Animateurs and Participants


Do you have an interest, or topic, or project you would like us to look at?

Take Action